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 ZWTraffic is made especially for road designers, from vertical signs databases to supplementary boards and extras!

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The right solution to support us in our daily work is a tool that has the elements we use most often. Such a tool is the ZWTraffic application, directed to the road industry and traffic organization design.

► Introduction

In the latest version of ZWTraffic 2024 you can use a wide library of symbols for vertical and horizontal signs together with the creation of new boards with their own description and their listings. The functionality will help you to check the passage of a standard vehicle and insert basic road structures like islands or crossroads. Creating a detour or directional sign using the available functions will also be more pleasant.


► Ribbon and toolbars

ZWTraffic ribbon:

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ZWTraffic toolbars:

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General Information

  • Version: 2024
  • Languages: English, Polish, Czech, German, French
  • Category: Road Engineering
  • Industry: Road Engineering
  • Required application: ZWCAD 2024 Professional
  • Operating Systems: Windows
  • Licence typePerpetual
  • Price: 380 Euro net

You can test our addon for 30 days for FREE!

ZWTraffic 2024 64-bits EN

ZWTraffic 2024 64-bits DE

ZWTraffic 2024 64-bits CZ

ZWTraffic 2024 64-bits FR

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► Key Features

  • Vertical signs: library of signs, edit values, remove sign, add a post, make a report, mirror sign, vertical description, collective information boards, modify state of sign, change to gray, crossing symbol, format printer, reverse face of sign, kilometrage functions, road lights.
  • VMS: insert variable message sign, insert variable message sign, variable message sign.

  • Bike trails: bike trail, direction, library, road format, direction text, direction symbol, table.

  • Traveling boards: closed road, detour, arrow, city description, road description, road number, table background.

  • E tables: direction marking, templates, table, roundabout elements, main/subroad, arcs, highway elements.

  • Supplementary: lane assignment, administration area border, river plates, city plates, cultural object plates, motorway junction.

  • F-6: advance warning of prohibition, new sign, comment, table, road, comment frame, sign, distance, export.

  • UBR: marks barriers, treshold, retroreflectors, Berlin cushion.

  • Horizonal marks: axis and lane, pedestrian crossing and symbol, bus stop lane and symbol, parking spot, private parking space, cyclist passage and symbol, lane and direction for cyclists, disabled person symbol, triangle of yield, excluded surface, arrow, vertical signs as horizontal, sum of length, report of signs.

  • Trajectory.

  • Visibility.

  • Islands: crossroads elements, roundabout elements.

  • Additional tools: klothoide, bay, slope, curves, elevation, longitudal profile, contour line.


ZWTraffic in a nutshell




► Publisher

  • Company: IT Solutions “SZANSA”
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